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Lighting is something so misleadingly simple that everyone feels that they can do it. And the result can be so dim, or blinding, that it’s best left to imagination. There is a difference between having the means to buy an antique candle stand (or even a kitschy upcycled one, for that matter) and knowing where and how to place it. It takes time and creative efforts to add sophistication, charisma and a truly personal touch to the lights that illuminate homes. And having some expert assistance really helps, because it is very easy to go overboard at times.

We at Sosi Designs believe that home décor should be a collaborative process. Where your ideas and fantasies, meet our expertise to become a reality. We also believe that when it comes to home décor, it is best to start small, build on it or around it and tinker with it till it becomes perfect. And what better place to start than light?

The story of Sosi began with the idea of bringing forth eco-friendly, home décor designer candles for your space. Candles that do not just enamor your guests, but also describe your personality and taste. Candles that don’t just embellish the grand occasions but also highlight the intimacy of private spaces. Sosi resonates sophistication, elite and a nonpareil character that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Conceptualized by Shreyanshi Patel, Sosi Designs is aimed at the connoisseur but also has an underlying cause. This is her attempt as a businesswoman and a social entrepreneur to bridge the great divide between the skills of hundreds of rural women who work as candle makers and the vast market for such exquisite products that exists in urban spheres. Sosi sources its intricate and designer candles from rural women who handcraft them with perfection and gives them a sophisticated platform to exhibit their skills.

Our candles and fragrances are not loaded with pesticides, ammonia or chlorine that adds threat to health. When you bring home Sosi, you are a proud owner of handmade, environment-friendly and non-polluting candles and merchandise. You become our partners in making the planet a better place and better it!




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