Our Candles

At Sosi Designs, we look forward to crafting a serene atmosphere for your spaces. An array of handcrafted designer candles straight from the creator with attractive designs in variants you will fall in love with! Choose from a fiesta of more than 40 colours and 15 variants to customize these handcrafted home decor accessories for adding a charm to your interiors. Available exclusively at Sosi Designs Flagship Designer Boutique, customise your favourite candles in the colour and size you want!! Overwhelm yourself with our refreshing, lively, and active aromas. Each piece is handcrafted with determination and precision.

Select from our wide range of collection

  1. Flowers and Floaters
    1.   Lotus
    2.   Sunflower
    3.   Rose
    4.   Open Pointed Flower
  2. Pillar Candles
  3. Square Candles
  4. Rectangle Candles
  5. Ball Candles
  6. Bowl Candles
  7. Pyramid Candles
  8. Aromatic Candles
    1.   Coffee
    2.   Orange Ginger
    3.   Lavender Vanilla
    4.   Eucalyptus